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S u r f e r s  VIP  C l u b

Surfing at Mojon is a blast, come out and enjoy the waves any time you want.

Become part of the AquaVilla Surfers Club and enjoy the special membership services:


  • ​Priority Cabins Booking               

  • Member's Discounts

  • Beach Club Free Pass

  • Lots of great surf

Priority Cabins Booking

Members have priority over any booking, if there is more than one person seeking to book specific dates our VIP members will have first choice. 


Extended check in and check out hours.


Ask us through our contact form how to join.



Members Special   VIP Discounts

VIP Cabins rental rate:


  • 10% discount in their first 5 stays*

  • 15% discount in their next 5 stays*

  • 20% discount every time after 10 stays*


Members also receive special discounts in all our Services, Restaurant and Bar




* Stay covers one booking period not days

AquaVilla's Beach Club Free Pass

Surfers Club Members have free access to our Beach Club Areas.


Receive priority services and attention.


Discounts of the Beach Club Services and ammenities.


Beach Club exclusive VIP areas reservation.*


* Area to be determined by size of group

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